The 2 Week Diet

The 2 Week Diet
The 2 Week Diet
The 2 Week Diet
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What is the 2 Week Diet System?

In essence, the 2 Week Diet program by Brian Flatt is a highly regulated diet that focuses on altering the content and frequency of the meals you eat.

You might well ask, “but don’t all diets do that?” They do indeed, however this 2 Week Diet system uses a counter-intuitive arrangement of these factors to produce faster weight loss results.

The 2 Weeks Diet provides dieters with nutrients essential for good health and proper functioning, while eliminating foods that slow—and even prevent—fat burning. Ordinary diets burn carbohydrates and proteins before fat, but a specialized diet can circumvent that order. It also helps dieters maintain lean body mass and increase their metabolism.

The Program

Cut the Carbs, Up the Protein

The first change to the 2 Week diet is a fairly common one for dieters looking to lose weight quickly, specifically a low carb, high protein diet.

Brian Flatt correctly points out that while protein is used to build muscle mass, it is not stored in the body the way other nutrition is.

The human body eliminates protein as waste, and it ceases to be processed in the body within a few hours.

Carbohydrates on the other hand are not as essential to the body as protein, but are readily converted to fat for later use by the body.

The 2 Week Diet system therefore establishes a diet plan that is extremely light on carbohydrate intake, increasing the proportion of protein and essential fatty acids (or EFAs) to replace the sugary calories.

This is well-established as a weight loss mechanism in other famous diets plans.

Eat More Often, Lose Weight?

The 2 Week Diet program’s second element is the one that might surprise most people.

Brian Flatt advocates eating five to six meals per day under the new 2 Week diet plan.

Eating more frequently definitely doesn’t seem like the best way to lose weight, but he cites some very compelling science in his reasoning.

In short, the human body has a fairly short cycle in which it is processing protein using the 2 Week Diet program.

By eating less substantial meals more frequently, you can in essence trick your body into continuing to process protein calories for its nutritional needs instead of carbohydrate calories.

Brian Flatt points out that when the body doesn’t have EFAs and proteins to draw on, it looks to your own lean muscle tissue to make up the difference, before it goes for stored fat calories.

Eating smaller meals more frequently prevents this process from detracting from your gains and weight loss goals, according to the 2 Week Diet program.

So Much More

The 2 Week Diet System is very much more than just these concepts, however.

Brian Flatt discusses a variety of topics just in the introductory 2 Week Diet manual. He covers basic nutrition concepts, the difference between fat loss and weight loss, and the nature of the food pyramid.

The author goes into the concepts of metabolism, the mechanisms behind the body’s fat storage, and the role of water.

Brian Flatt even discusses specific nutritional matters such as triglycerides, fiber, and the “14 days to make a habit” concept. Check out official Website:

The Program Benefit

This is the underlying, driving force behind the 2 Week Diet plan.

Brian Flatt originally asserted a 21 day threshold for
a new healthy practice to become a habit, but the new diet cites scientific studies that show good habits can be formed in as little as 2 weeks.

The goal of the 2 Week Diet eBook isn’t to solve all of your problems, something Brian Flatt is up front and honest about.

The creator of 2 Week Diet system clearly states that he isn’t promising massive weight loss in record time, merely substantial, noticeable weight loss within the stated period.

The main idea is that by sticking with the 2 Week Diet program for the full 2 weeks, you begin to ingrain the process not as a new thing you are doing, but as a habit that becomes easier and easier to stick with.

Healthier food choices and eating schedules become a pattern, a routine that you can stick with, instead of a temporary burden

Author of 2 Week Diet System

Brian Flatt graduated from San Diego State University in 1990, earning a degree in biology.

From there he pursued a career in the fitness and health industries.

He eventually managed a successful fitness center, Rev Fitness, in southern California.

Official Website

Each of these achievements is something worth noting down, but it’s the biology degree that made us pay particular attention to Brian Flatt’s approach.

Many fitness and diet plans are put together by people with the best of intentions, but who lack hard, STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) backgrounds. They espouse fine sounding words about all-natural products, forgetting that natural doesn’t always mean better; arsenic and asbestos are naturally occurring substances, after all.

Brian Flatt also cites over 500 scientific papers and studies he’s examined in the process of building his 2 Week Diet plans.

Brian uses the best science currently available to inform his advice, and attempts to improve his 2 Week Diet plans based on new knowledge.

This is an excellent trait in any kind of personal trainer or advisor – the willingness to admit that there is always something new to learn and try.

PDF Download of 2 Week Diet program (small part of the eBook). By reading the eBook, you will get an idea about the quality and effectiveness of Brian Flatt 2 Week Diet system.

Success Stories

“We had this big family reunion coming up and suddenly I realized… I was terrified. I didn’t want to go because I didn’t know what people were going to think. I had a really rough year, and I gained 30 ugly pounds of fat. After starting The 2 Week Diet plan, I lost 3 pounds in the very first week! And it just kept coming off. By the end of the month, I had completely reversed a whole year of bad eating and laziness. I’m still losing weight weeks later. I can’t wait for Christmas!”
Amelia Burned 3 Pounds in 7 Days!Amelia Burned 3 Pounds in 7 Days!
“I never saw my weight gain over the years as a big problem, until everything fell apart at once when my girlfriend left me. Years of bad habits all came together at once and I was a mess. After that, I tried all sorts of extreme diets that didn’t work at all. That’s when a friend recommended The 2 Week Diet to me and it’s honestly changed my life. Even after reading it the first time, I was amazed to see how many things I believed about health and nutrition were just dead wrong. After 2 weeks of following the diet plan, I lost half a dozen pounds. It’s amazing, I look great and haven’t had this much energy in years. People have been telling me how good I look, and even my ex gave me a huge compliment last week. Ha, not that I’d take her back.
Chris Dropped Half a Dozen Pounds in 14 Days!Chris Dropped Half a Dozen Pounds in 14 Days!
“I lost 1.5 kilos my first week on your diet. (I’m from across the pond… that’s about 3 pounds in America.) By the end of the 2 weeks, I’d dropped 3 kilos. I cannot thank you enough. I don’t know why all the other diet systems fail to deliver these results, but I’m never going to waste my time on them again! The 2 Week Diet has been everything I needed to get the body I’ve been wishing for all these years and I’m going to do it again to lose even more weight!
Diana Kicked 1.5 Kilos in the First week!Diana Kicked 1.5 Kilos in the First week!


The 3 Week Diet was a very successful book, with a track record of solid, lasting results for many users.

If Brian Flatt feels confident that the 2 Week Diet system is a logical follow on, with similar results for dieters, then we are definitely inclined to believe him.

According to nutrition experts like Dr. Alessio Fasano, holder of the W. Allan Walker Chair at Harvard Medical School, the primary culprit of weight gain is cellular inflammation. The 2 Week Diet applies groundbreaking findings like these to optimize the body’s natural fat-burning mechanisms. Source

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The 2 Week Diet
Brian Flatt cites over 500 scientific papers and studies he’s examined in the process of building his 2 Week Diet plans.
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This is a revolutionary new dietary system that not only guarantees to help you lose weight, it also promises to eliminate more body fat as Advertised 

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