Acai Supplement

From deep within the Amazon rainforest come Acai berries, an indispensable component of indigenous people’s diet for as long as anyone can remember. Now with MaxMedix’s Pure Acai Capsules, you can enjoy the berries’ highly protective and energising anthocyanin, vitamin, and mineral content in conveniently preserved capsule form, as if the berries had just been hand-picked from their native palm trees…

Fight back against the threat of oxidative stress by taking Pure Acai Capsules. There are plenty of Acai benefits to your health, namely Acai fruit is known to be full of antioxidants which help protect your body against harmful toxins. Our Acai supplement is also enriched with invigorating vitamins for multiple areas of bodily function such as the metabolism and immune system.

  • Antioxidant enriched Pure Acai
  • Strong 1500mg servings
  • Vitality boosting vitamin complex
  • Great for immunity
  • 60 vegan-friendly capsules

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