Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal is one of the world’s most popular natural detoxifiers and thanks to MaxMedix it is now available in an easy to take capsule form. Made from completely natural sources, Activated Charcoal is a premium supplement designed to aid detoxing the body to help with gas, bloating and weight management.

For fast relief down below, you can turn to Activated Charcoal, a capsule supplement that uses the purest and best-activated charcoal. This supplement works to deeply cleanse your body and fight back against feelings of digestive discomfort and imbalance.

This detoxifying formula is among the best ways to help target stomach problems such as bloating and gas. Bring this supplement into your home today, and discover the nutritional health benefits you could feel.

  • 100% pure nature made activated charcoal
  • Ideal for bloating, gas and detoxing
  • Powerful 2000mg per daily serving
  • Contributes to reducing flatulence after eating
  • Sustainably sourced from coconuts

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