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FenFast 375 review. FenFast 375 is a top-rated weight loss supplement made by Intechra Health – a famous American manufacturer that has spread its reputation throughout the dietary supplement market. It comes in the form of white and blue speckled tablets that have been tested through clinical studies to accomplish a safe and non-prescribed product, in which all of the pharmacological-grade ingredients are combined into a synthetic yet powerful formula.

Thousands of dieters of all ages (over 18) and weights have been using FenFast 375 as an extra part of a healthy diet plan, and the proof is their satisfaction. Briefly, the pill helps you suppress appetite, increase metabolism as well as boost energy, and consequently, burn stored fat quickly. As these benefits are associated with a single product, it’ll give you a top-notch choice for your weight-loss goal. It’s also FDA and GMP approached for the safety.

What Is FenFast 375

It is an over the counter fat burner that carries similar effects to Phentermine.

But instead of risking severe side effects, addiction, and having that talk with your doctor, you are going to get all-natural ingredients.

These are safe to use and can, together with a healthy diet and exercise, help you to promote a significant weight loss.

FenFast 375 supports an active lifestyle and weight loss diet and will deliver the energy you need to get started losing weight.

Using this fat burner is not only about losing weight. It is also about changing habits, so you will not risk gaining all the weight back on again after you have finished your diet.

Benefits of FenFast 375?

Appetite Suppressant

By reducing your craving for food, FenFast directly helps you solve one of the most challenging obstacles that most dieters endeavor and fail – eating less. This way, it helps you dull your appetite and stay away from mindless snacks that you used to desire in the past. When combined with a low-calorie diet, it significantly reduces the daily caloric intake.

Metabolism and Thermogenesis Enhancement

Both of these processes play an important role in cutting extra weight. If they run slowly, they can impede all of your effort and time. FenFast 375 has the ability to make them work faster, which forces your body to burn calories and fat throughout the day, during exercise and even you’re sleeping. Just make sure you combine FenFast with a good exercise routine

Energy Release

By providing you with an extra source of energy, FenFast 375 helps you stop the sluggish feeling and hunger pangs caused by eating less. Even better, it boosts your energy level so that you can feel more productive to keep up an active lifestyle. You’ll also maintain the concentration and motivation which are very necessary for losing weight.

Healthy And Effective Diet

FenFast 375 is not only about losing weight! It is about promoting health, helping you to change habits for a healthier lifestyle.

Intechra Health, the makers highly recommend you to participate in your own diet. Start eating healthy and increase your activity levels. That way, you will get much better results using this fat burner. The results will be more natural to maintain when you have finished your diet.

Ingredients of FenFast 375

Beta Phenylethylamine

Being abbreviated to β-PEA, this ingredient is a trace amine and the key ingredient of FenFast 375. It has been clinically proven for two major benefits: burning fat and increasing energy expenditure. In particular, as it requires energy to complete its basic functions, it tends to use the energy coming from stored body fat.

Moreover, β-PEA is an appetite suppressant. This way, it helps you go through the day without the feeling of craving for food. This is especially productive for those who are trying to follow a limited diet. So, in overall, β-PEA has many positive effects on helping people lose weight more quickly and easily.


Also called Caffeine Anhydrous, this ingredient is a powerful synthesized stimulant that can boost both metabolism and thermogenesis. As the metabolism reaches to higher performance, it forces your body to consume more calories. As the body temperature increases, more fat will be burned. These processes together encourage fat mass reduction, and what you’ll get is the decrease of the overall weight.

In addition, Caffeine is well-known for its energy-boosting capability as well as alertness promotion. These effects help you become more active and determined for a consistent exercise routine, so you can cut extra weight much easier.


It’s a natural amino acid that is found in tea. Scientists have shown that using this ingredient alone doesn’t have a strong effect on cutting weight. So, they decide to combine it with others, and the magic happens when it found the right partner – Caffeine – as both of them are amplified their benefits when being combined.

Firstly, they help to reduce the common side effects of each other, headaches for example. Secondly, they boost the ability to increase memory and alertness as well as decreasing stress and anxiety. Consequently, you’ll find yourself more relaxed while dieting. Finally, the combination helps them block fat production. Source [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]


Also called Anhaline or Peyocactin, it’s another natural ingredient that is found in a variety of plants. It can be used as a stand-alone ingredient or mixed with others to create a formulation (the case of FenFast 375). In terms of benefits, it’s proven to encourage energy levels and promote mood. This way, it helps you stave off fatigue which is a popular issue that dieters have to struggle. Source  [8] [9] [10] [11]


L-Phenylalanine will suppress your appetite to such a degree that you will feel full and satisfied faster when having your meals.

It works by releasing the intestinal hormone Cholecystokinin (CCK) that will signal to your brain that you now are full. At the same time, it will slow down your digestion so you, in a natural manner, will decrease your appetite.

Since it is an essential amino acid, you do get L-Phenylalanine from various sources of food such as meat, fish, eggs, and milk. But the amount is not nearly high enough to suppress your appetite. It is one of the reasons why you may need FenFast 375. Source [1] [2]


Caffeine gives you a couple of major benefits; it helps you lose weight and to avoid weight gain. It is a well-known stimulant when it comes to raising your energy levels, metabolism, and fat burn.

Caffeine also stimulates your nervous system so your fat cells will start to break down fat. But remember, just because you are getting caffeine doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. You will still need to cut your calories and create a deficit. However, caffeine will make it easier to get rid of the extra calories.

You are probably already getting caffeine from your daily consumption of coffee, tea, and others. But since they are a part of your daily habits, your body is tolerant of it. Therefore, it will be a great benefit to get the extra caffeine for your weight loss diet, from a supplement like FenFast 375. Source [3] [4]

Potential Side Effect

FenFast 375 doesn’t include any prescribed ingredient and addiction in its formula, so it does NOT cause any serious side effects. However, since it does contain stimulants, there is the likelihood of experiencing a few allergic reactions, such as jittery, to those who are sensitive to stimulants. Other side effects include bloating, sleepless, headache, diarrhea, dry mouth, and nausea. Luckily, they are very mild.

One thing for sure, FenFast 375 is far safer to take than prescription diet pills to lose weight fast, such as Phentermine that might cause severe side effects and is only recommend to use in the short term. There is no doubt that it’s an over the counter Phentermine that you should put your faith upon. You can continue to take it as long as you want to lose weight.


If you are willing to commit to a healthy diet and an exercise routine, FenFast 375 can be the weight supplement that will make things happen.

Being able to suppress your appetite so you will eat less is a very effective way to promote a weight loss and to keep the weight off for the future. It is a great way to break the habits of binge as well.

Caffeine is an effective way to increase your energy levels. Yes, your body does get used to it, but the makers have made a smart move by adding the L-Theanine. That way, the effects of caffeine will last longer.

One downside of FenFast 375 is that I will like to see more ingredients on their list. But ok, it is not the most expensive fat burner either, so it is something you can live with.

Where to Buy

If you have tried many different weight loss methods, diets, supplements, and still have not found anything to really work, then this might be worth giving a try. It also might be worth giving a try if you have been successful with losing weight in the past but have not been able to keep it off long term. As I mentioned above, Hordenine HCl it’s supposed to help with getting your body use to your new weight so that you can keep it off easier.

FenFast 375
FenFast 375 is overall a good fat burner, that is safe to use. Its strongest benefit is its fat-burning capabilities
7.7 Total Score

FENFAST 375 White & Blue Speck Tablets will help you to get control over even the most difficult aspects of dieting

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Clinical tested
  • Proven ingredients
  • No side effects
  • No evaluation from the FDA
  • Loses Energy


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