Head Posture Fix

Head Posture Fix
Head Posture Fix

The Forward Head Posture Fix is a simple program that you can use to fix your posture greatly in less than 15 minutes a day

The brain needs feedback from the body and in particular from the spinal joints and muscles in order to maintain any posture, such as sitting or standing. In fact, the C4 vertebral level in your mid neck has the most nerves feeding back to your brain and when the nerves are stretched due to a straight curve, it gives “false readings”

In this day and age many people suffer from forward head posture (FHP) syndrome also known as the texting neck. This hunched forward and crouched-over look not only makes you look awkward and short but also affects you both physically and mentally. If it’s left untreated then it can cause permanent damage to the neck and create problems in your life in many ways. 

The Forward Head Posture Fix is a simple program that you can use to fix your posture greatly in less than 15 minutes a day. By using the special “sequential flow” method outlined in the guide you will be able to eradicate this problem once and for all, and vastly improve your health and resolve all problems associated with this syndrome

About the Author 

This program is a collaboration of two experts –

1 – Mike Westerdal – Aside from being a national best-selling fitness author and sports nutrition specialist, he also the founder of Internet’s longest-standing strength site, CriticalBench.com

2- Rick Kaselj MS – Being a leading kinesiologist and injury specialist Rick has presented over 352 live presentations to 8,404 health professionals in the US and Canada. He is also the co-creator of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program.

How it works

Unlike static stretching which only provides temporary pain relief, the Forward Head Posture Fix program utilizes a special “sequential flow” method that uses a combination of 10 exercises to target the right muscles in a step-by-step order . This order of movement creates the optimal effect to unwind the muscle responsible for the problem and fix it fast.

The program will teach you the following exercises

Muscle Re-Education Drills

Breathing Exercises

Mobility Exercises

Deep Cervical Flexor Training

Self Massage

Postural Strengthening 

Static Stretching

What do you get with the complete package

Along with these you also receive the following bonuses –

1- Lower Back Pain Lifestyle Audit

This is a video presentation that helps you identify the factors that causes neck and back pain so that you can eliminate them.

2- 10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions

This is a practical guide outlining 10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions that you can use to fix poor sleep and cure all underlying problems.


If you are a sufferer of FHP syndrome and you have tried various exercises to no avail, then you can give the Forward Head Posture Fix program a risk-free try. It’s a complete program created by reputed authors and an absolute value for money.

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