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A product for women Hourglass is a fat burner especially formulated for women wishing to lose their unnecessary weight.

The role of a dietary supplement in weight loss can be extremely helpful but sometimes very harmful for slimming and health of the user. This is directly related to the quality of the product and its effective capacity.

Benefits of Hourglass

A product especially designed to meet the needs of the female body and its organism (as claimed by the manufacturing company) is likely (if it is not a fake product) to be very beneficial in the difficult process of slimming!

The Hourglass manufactured by the company Propura has hade us curious about its performance and so we decided to look more carefully to reveal if all this claimed can be true.

Some key benefits of Hourglass are:

  • acceleration of the metabolic rate
  • suppression of the appetite
  • body fat burning (thermogenic)
  • body energy increase

Hourglass Ingredients

The Hourglass’s ingredients are all natural products with unique beneficial properties enhancing fat loss in the body and stimulating the organism so improving the health and fitness of the user in general.

Vitamin B6 (4mg)

Vitamin B6 is essential in the fat burning process. It is not only its powerful antioxidant capacity but also the boost provided in the metabolic process.

We should not forget that vitamin B6 helps the process of absorbing all valuable amino acids and proteins coming from the nutrition.

By boosting metabolism, the vitamin B6 increases the body’s energy levels by a process of converting glycogen stored in the body to valuable energy for the body

B6 also helps on the burning of carbohydrates. Having the body in a process of burning dietary carbohydrates to save even more beneficial energy, reduces the amount of carbohydrates to be stored in the body as extra body fat significantly! Source

Vitamin B12 (10 mcg)

Vitamin B12 is another ingredient capable of reactivating your metabolism to increase fat burning. In addition, it will promote muscle growth – which in combination with your regular workout – will give you quick results boosting your self-confidence and increasing your mood.

Finally, also increases your energy levels in your body, especially when you are following a diet or you are applying a nutritional programmes. Source

Vitamin D3 (1000 IU)

Vitamin D3 is an ingredient that initially looks as completely unrelated to the case.

In fact it plays a very important role in the mixture of Hourglass ingredients and surely in the “fight” against fat.

Low levels of vitamin D in the body may cause other problems … such as increased levels of parathyroid hormone. What this means? Increasing this hormone leads the body to collect and store increasing amounts of fat, meaning that makes the body store fat instead of burning it! This means more body fat and weight gain … and so an increase in health problems provoked by the increased weight. Source

Chromium (125 mcg)

Chromium is a basic metal usually received from our diet (consuming leafy green vegetables). This is another important reason why we should have vegetables in our diet.

Though chromium has no an immediate fat burning property, it is very useful because it plays the role of a “regulator” of sugars in the blood.

At the moment sugar levels are steady (without sudden fluctuations), the so-called “bulimic episodes” are avoided and you do not feel hungry. Source

Green Tea (500 mg)

with a very high content of EGCG – a very powerful antioxidant – increasing the rate your body metabolizes the food, the rate at which your body burns the fat stored, so losing kilos and points!

It also eliminates toxins, strengthens the body and strengthens your health so acquiring a healthy body full of life and energy.

Guarana (100 mg)

Guarana is another well-known ingredient – known from many nutritional supplements, such as slimming, multivitamins etc. It is broadly used to increase energy levels, since in many ways has an action similar to caffeine.

It has a very strong stimulating action, suppresses appetite levels (especially if received before the main meal) and acts as a diuretic by removing toxins and preventing bloating.

It may not have any fat burning capability, but works positively in slimming with its stimulating action, meaning that because of its stimulant action – as with coffee – it raises the number of heartbeats. This has as an impact on the body by increasing the metabolic rate … and therefore the fat burning!

Glucomannan (1,500 mg)

Glycomannan – another popular ingredient in slimming products – comes from the root of a plant called Konjac. It contains a very high level of plant dietary fiber, in addition to the good functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, also helping to effectively suppress appetite levels, since the fiber swelling in the stomach creates a mass gel, making the person feel full for a longer time, not trying to use any extra snacks and adding unnecessary calories and (usually) no nutritional value (such as chocolates, biscuits, crackers, sweets).

Capsimax (100 mg)

Certainly it is another very important ingredient in dietary supplements. But Capsimax (the patented product) with the active substance capsaicin from chili peppers provides a powerful thermogenic action boosting the metabolic rate of your body dramatically without any further effort.

Black Pepper Extract (5 mg)

This is the extract of black pepper. Last but not least, black pepper extract or Bioperine (also a patented product) has been clinically tested in the US and has been proved to be of high nutritional importance as increases the bioavailability of various dietary nutrients, by simply increasing their absorption from the body through the intestinal tract.

This is what it is achieved in this mixture of ingredients as well, increasing the active capacity of all other powerful fat burning elements included in Hourglass.

A first look at Hourglass, shows many famous active ingredients. By looking more carefully, however, we notice that many equally popular slimming ingredients are missing. For example, Green Coffee or caffeine are ingredients we might expect to see in this nutritional supplement.

Is there a serious impact if these are missing? The answer is negative. The effect of the product is not affected, because it contains components of the same action as those that are not present.

So, instead of green coffee beans, it contains other powerful fat burning ingredients, and instead of caffeine contains the guarana having the same effect!

CAUTION: No matter how many active ingredients are contained in a nutritional supplement, it could never function properly if there is no limit in food consumption! You need to make a personal effort to check your diet and exercise systematically (even for 30 minutes 3 times a day). This will allow you to create the right “environment” for the ingredients of any dietary supplement (in this case Hourglass) to work efficiently!

Hourglass Side Effects

We have to make a reminder here that we are not talking about a chemical – dangerous or addictive – but about a 100% harmless product with natural ingredients only!

However, as it is likely to show an allergy to any of the ingredients, not excluding also the possibility of allergic episodes with any of the ingredients contained in the Hourglass.

The bottom line is that there is a very little chance of having any side effects following the use of this nutritional supplement.

If you are still worried about causing you anxiety, insomnia or nervousness … then you can calm down. Hourglass does not contain caffeine and the action of guarana (which is low in caffeine) does not even cause problems for people who have caffeine sensitivity.


Hourglass is a nutritional supplement surely impressive with the large number of fat burning ingredients contained in its composition.

Hourglass is a pretty good option if you’re looking for a supplement to combine with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

It contains a lot of the ingredients we look for when it comes to products in this category, and we love the fact that it has a clean formula which transparently discloses the doses and the ingredients.

The only slight downsides are the fact that it is not Vegan or Vegetarian friendly because of the use of Gelatin for the capsules – and the slightly low dose of Glucomannan.

Where to buy Hourglass

The only slight downsides of Hourglass in our opinion is the premium price tag, and the fact that we feel the manufacturer could have included a slightly bigger dose of Glucomannan for maximum effectiveness.

Overall, though, we were impressed with the choice of ingredients and the way Hourglass has been formulated. For more information and to buy visit www.hourglassfit.com

The Hourglass’s ingredients are all natural products with unique beneficial properties enhancing fat loss in the body
8.5 Total Score

The only slight downsides are the fact that it is not Vegan or Vegetarian friendly because of the use of Gelatin for the capsules – and the slightly low dose of Glucomannan.

  • body fat burning
  • increase body energy
  • Appetite suppression
  • Safe ingredients
  • No Vegetarian friendly


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