Hunter Burn Review

Hunter Burn Review
8.3 Total Score
  • 6 powerful ingredients.
  • Works as a fat burner.
  • Reduce appetite, food cravings.

What is Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn is a fat burning supplement manufactured by Roar Ambition and distributed under the Hunter brand name.

The way the product is marketed suggests it’s aimed at men who want to improve their physique and be more successful in life.

However, there is nothing in the formulation that would make it more suitable for men than women. Despite the marketing focus, Hunter Burn is a unisex product.

The marketing angle is a little unusual. Potential customers are told Hunter Burn will help them live a longer, happier life and be more successful

The official website even mentions a 2015 study that apparently shows thinner men earn 16% more money on average.

There may very well be a study that suggests this but the world is still full of fat-cat millionaires and rich overweight businessmen.

Will taking Hunter Burn really make you more successful? I doubt it. That’s just hype. However, the formulation does contain some very good fat burning ingredients.

If you take Hunter Burn, lose weight, and end up with a pay rise or promotion at work just think of it as a bonus.

Or a coincidence. When you buy a product like this the only thing you should be worrying about is its ability to help you to lose weight.

Hunter Burn Benefits (Advertised )

  • Fat burner for successful men
  • Shred fat, slim down, get greater success
  • Beat hunger, burn fat, and build muscle
  • Look better, feel better, and burn fat fast???

How Does Hunter Burn Work?

Hunter Burn supports weight loss in several ways. Most of the best supplements do. Losing weight is hard and the average dieter needs all the help they can get.


Hunter Burn contains two natural appetite suppressants. Both of them have proven abilities.

Appetite suppression is important. A lot of dieters struggle with hunger. That’s not surprising.

Most people gain weight because they regularly eat too much food and eating a lot is a hard habit to break.

When the stomach becomes used to being full most of the time, it protests when it’s empty or contains less food than normal.

Hunger is distracting. It breaks your concentration and may affect your ability to play sports or function at optimum capacity at work.

When you are at home it can be even worse because there is less to take your mind away from that nagging stomach.

Not surprisingly, hunger is one of the main reasons so many diets fail so it’s good that Hunter Burn contains ingredients to keep it under control.

Fat Burner

Hunter Burn contains two of the most powerful natural fat burning ingredients in the world—green tea and cayenne.

Both of them help you to burn more fat by increasing metabolism and thermogenesis. Weight management products that have the latter ability are often known as thermogenic fat burners.

Hunter Burn and Muscle

Hunter Burn contains some Vitamin D3. One of the main reasons it’s there is to help support muscle growth. Let’s face it, a little Vitamin D3 isn’t going to do much for serious bodybuilders, but it still has value in the formulation.

A low-calorie diet needs to be at the heart of every weight loss diet. It causes the energy shortage that makes the body begin burning its fat. Unfortunately, the body often burns a little muscle tissue too.

For bodybuilders and strength athletes, any loss of muscle tissue is obviously highly undesirable. However, loss of muscle mass is not good for anyone. Especially when they are trying to lose weight.

It takes energy to maintain muscle tissue. The more muscle you have, the greater the energy drain will be. That can help you in your efforts to lose weight. We’re not talking a dramatic difference here, but every little helps

Hunter Burn Ingredient Profile

Hunter Burn only contains six ingredients. All of them are natural and have the ability to help the formulation do the things it’s supposed to do.

Vitamin D3 3000 IU
This one’s pretty simple. While this nutrient aids your immune system, and blood and calcium levels, it’s main claim to fame is its connection to weight loss.

Not only is there a heavy correlation between heavier people and low vitamin D, it actually helps people lose weight Source

Konjac Root Extract 3000 mg
This weird and amazing root has one job — to fill your stomach so you feel less hungry.

The longer you feel full, the less willpower it takes to avoid the snacks that always manage to find their way to your love handles.

And the less willpower you have to exert, the more likely you are to refrain from junk food. Source

White Kidney Bean 20:1 Extract 500 mg
This is where the carb magic happens. These beans block carbs. Remember, excess carbs are the devil. The fat-fueling devil.

Blocking carbs means blocking fat. There aren’t many natural ingredients that do that, The carb blocking benefits of white beans Source

L-Theanine 200 mg
L-theanine is an amino acid analogue found in tea. Many people use it as a nootropic to relax and increase mental energy and focus.

It supports the other ingredients by helping you avoid some of the mental problems that lead to overindulging and comfort eating.

It helps keep you relaxed and sharp in your battle against the fat. Read more about it’s benefits Source

Matcha Green Tea 200 mg
Matcha does 2 big things. For one, it has thermogenic properties that boost your metabolism. Like we covered earlier, a faster metabolism means fat gets burned faster, making it easier for you to shed the weight.

Secondly, Matcha Green Tea boosts your energy in a smooth, clean way, without the crashes caused by things like energy drinks or coffee. Source

Cayenne Pepper 125 mg
This is another energy and metabolism-booster, and an impressive one at that.

Cayenne peppers literally raise the temperature of your body, causing it to burn through more calories.

And again, the thermogenic properties of ingredients like cayenne pepper speed up your metabolism so you burn through your fat reserves much faster. Plus, its high in vitamin E, which increases energy. Benefit of Cayenne Pepper

Hunter Burn Side Effects?

All the ingredients in Hunter Burn are taken from nature. The formulation contains five respected plant extracts and some Vitamin D. It’s a natural product that does not contain any chemicals or synthetic ingredients and side effects are highly unlikely.

However, as with any other form of dietary supplement, it would be unwise to take Hunter Burn while pregnant or nursing a child unless your doctor has confirmed it is safe for you to do so.

If you have any pre-existing health issues, it would also be wise to attain medical approval prior to using the product. Ditto that if you would need to take it alongside medication or are considering using it in conjunction with other supplements

Who is behind Hunter Burn

Roar Ambition is a British company, based in Leeds. It’s a respected supplement supplier that’s probably best known for being the manufacturer of the cutting-edge fat burning product Instant Knockout.

Instant knockout was developed to support the needs of professional fighters so it’s probably best for athletes and sporty individuals. Despite the marketing focus, Hunter Burn is really a general weight loss aid that should be suitable for any man or woman who wants to get slim.

The fact that the manufacturers have limited buying options to the their own official website is another plus point. This creates price consistency and is less likely to result in guarantee issues.


If you take Hunter Burn to lose weight you shouldn’t be disappointed. Even without the appetite suppressing capability of cayenne, the dose of konjac the formulation provides will be more than capable of keeping hunger levels under control.

The cayenne content is not dead weight though. Its ability to increase metabolism and thermogenesis will easily help you to burn more calories than you could by diet and exercise alone.  The same can be said for matcha green tea. The way the product is marketed may be a little unusual, but it’s still a very good weight management product to buy.

Where to Buy Hunter Burn

You can only buy Hunter Burn from the official website. If you see it for sale elsewhere, The product will most likely be fake, is unlikely to deliver the same benefits, and won’t offer the reassurance of the Hunter Burn money-back guarantee.

Buy Hunter Burn From Official Website
Hunter Burn
Hunter Burn is really a general weight loss aid that should be suitable for any man or woman who wants to loose weight


8.3 Total Score

A great fat burner for men that is well prices and contains to some heavy hitting powerful ingredients. We don’t like the ‘hype’ part associating thinner men being more successful, we feel that is irrelevant.

  • 6 powerful ingredients.
  • Works as a fat burner.
  • Reduce appetite, food cravings.
  • Available Online Only
  • Relatively high price
  • Not Vegetarian friendly

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