ThermoFight X Reviews

Thermo Fight X fat burner
ThermoFight X Reviews
ThermoFight X Reviews
Lower blood sugar
Leading to improved health
An abundance of extra energy
Rich in anti-oxidants
Budget-friendly diet supplement.


Does ThermoFight X help you lose weight fast? Read our ThermoFight X Review for ingredients, pros, cons, side effects, price, and more!

ThermoFight X is a weight-loss supplement that works on the principle of thermogenesis. It fires up the metabolism, burning fat off the body rapidly. The product is meant to help you lose weight and provide you with additional energy.

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ThermoFight X Ingredients

This supplement includes medicinal ingredients, as well as non-medicinal organic substances. The active ingredients in the product are:

Green Tea Leaf Extract – This does accelerate fat burning, largely because of the caffeine that’s included. Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants, which develop the immune system and protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals.


It speeds up the metabolism, and thus accelerates the process of fat burning. It also provides you with a lot of additional energy and motivation.

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Cayenne Pepper

The spicy element of this fruit has the ability to increase your metabolism and burn calories. This is because it increases your body temperature. It’s considered to be an effective weight-loss substance. Janssens, et al found that consuming 2.56 mg of capsaicin, the thermogenic component of cayenne pepper, promotes fat oxidation when caloric intake is lower than caloric expenditure.

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This mineral is included in the supplement because it’s known to be able to regulate blood sugar. It’s often used in the treatment of diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. It exists naturally in some fruits, vegetables, and meat, in trace amounts. However, The American Diabetes Association Journal published a systematic review of 41 studies that found no data supporting chromium supplementation has an effect on blood sugar levels in people without type 2 diabetes.


This is a spice that originates in South East Asia and Western India. It’s a common treatment in the prevention of obesity. Ginger is high in amino acids and minerals like Magnesium and Phosphorus. There is significant evidence of the weight lowering effects of ginger in animal studies. This is an area in need of more research in humans. Research published in the Phytotherapy Research – Wiley Online Library by Attari, et al (2017) concluded that there are limited studies showing slight weight lowering and anti-obesity effects in humans.

EDITOR’S TIP– Our recommendation is to use a supplement that contains clinically-tested ingredients and help you reach your weight loss goals quickly without experiencing nasty side effects at all.

How ThermoFight X Work

This product initiates the process of thermogenesis. Ingredients like caffeine greatly accelerate the metabolism, and this causes fat to burn off your body rapidly. Research published in the Int J Obes (Lond) by Belza, et al (2007) found that initiating a state of thermogenesis with bioactive ingredients does accelerate fat loss.

ThermoFight X contains both caffeine and green tea leaf extract. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study that concluded there may be a synergistic interaction between green tea extract and caffeine that promotes thermogenesis and fat oxidation. Thus, they can have a potential influence on body weight and composition.

Ideally, this supplement is for individuals who are already following a ketogenic diet. If this is the case, ThermoFight X is supposed to keep you in a state of ketosis by providing additional ketones. This helps the body stay in a state where it’s burning fat as fuel instead of glucose.

Harvard Health Publishing states that a ketogenic diet is effective for treating diabetes, and it may accelerate weight loss. It also reduces sugar cravings by keeping blood sugar low.

How to Use ThermoFight X?

Take one ThermoFight X capsule twice a day, with a full glass of water and a meal. You must not take this supplement for longer than a 12-week period without the approval of a physician.

Does ThermoFight X Work?

No, according to numerous customer reports, this supplement doesn’t work. Many customers have said that they tried this product for up to a few months, and it did nothing at all. Any weight these users lost was due to heavy dieting or additional exercise. There were a few customers who were happy with their results, but not very many.

Any Side Effects?

It’s possible to have an allergic reaction to this product. If you notice any symptoms, discontinue use immediately and go see a doctor. In addition, in some cases, green tea has led to liver problems, although it’s uncommon. The symptoms of liver trouble include yellow eyes, stomach pain, dark urine, sweating, nausea, fatigue, and loss of appetite. If you experience any of these, stop using the product and seek medical attention.

If I Have A Health Condition?

You should avoid using this supplement if you have a liver or kidney disease, iron deficiency, or a stomach ulcer. In addition, don’t take ThermoFight X if you’re pregnant or currently breastfeeding.

Customer Reviews & Results

Users complain that this product is ineffective as a weight-loss tool. In addition, they claim that the customer service department at It Works! is very difficult to reach, and they don’t get back to you.

Although it’s not written anywhere obvious on the website, there’s apparently a 3-month obligation when you order the product.

Users were upset because they sometimes wanted to stop the subscription after a month but were obligated to purchase 2 more bottles.

Another issue with ordering this product is that some customers were billed every month for the bottle but didn’t actually receive it every time.

This had led some customers to delve into lengthy battles with customer service to get the subscription canceled.

The Bottom Line on ThermoFight X

ThermoFight is a supplement that doesn’t seem to work well for most people. There are some customers that claim to have lost weight on the product, but for the majority of users, it falls short. If you want to lose weight while taking these supplements, you’ll have to do the traditional diet and exercise.

This supplement has some potential health issues taken by people who have kidney or liver problems, ulcers, or iron deficiency. In addition, anyone who can’t take caffeine should avoid this product, as it has quite a bit. This is the primary reason ThermoFight X gives you energy. If you decide to start taking the supplement, make sure you see a doctor first to get approval.

Things to Know About ThermoFight X?

ThermoFight X is certainly not the weight-loss miracle drug that the manufacturer suggests. Losing weight almost always requires a healthy diet low in fat and sugar and exercise,

Some key ideas to keep in mind when taking this supplement include:

  • Carefully monitor yourself to make sure you aren’t experiencing any side effects. If so, discontinue use of the product immediately.
  • The supplement won’t do all of the work. Make sure you eat low fat, low sugar, high protein diet, and adequate exercise.
  • Remember that it will take time to reach your weight-loss goals. Give it some time before you give up on the supplement.
  • Remember not to take this supplement for more than 12 weeks, unless you get approval from your physician.

How Much Does it Cost?

The product is being offered at a special price at the moment on the It Works! site. The regular retail price is $65, but at the moment you can get a bottle for $36. That’s a savings of $29. The supplement is also on sale on other retail websites for varied prices.

There were a few customers who were happy with their results, but not very many.


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5. It Works!
6. It Works! ThermoFight X

6.3 Total Score

ThermoFight X is certainly not the weight-loss miracle drug that the manufacturer suggests. Losing weight almost always requires a healthy diet low in fat and sugar and exercise.

  • Lower blood sugar
  • Leading to improved health
  • An abundance of extra energy
  • Rich in anti-oxidants
  • Budget-friendly diet supplement.
  • Contains rice bran
  • A high amount of caffeine
  • Some Side effects

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