Vintage Burn Rreview

Vintage Burn Rreview
Vintage Burn Rreview
Improves focus and mood
Natural ingredients
Improves alertness

Vintage Burn Overview

Vintage Burn claims to have created a weight loss supplement designed for athletes, using a blend of ingredients that promote fat burning and help to preserve muscle fibers.

With thousands of positive reviews, if you search for Old School Vintage Burn on Amazon, you’ll see that it’s one of the biggest selling diet and weight loss supplements available right now.

The way this is claimed to work is by triggering thermogenic processes in the body. Basically, this is a fancy way of saying that your metabolism increases your body heat by burning more energy.

Unlike many other supplements, Vintage Burn comes in the form of capsules that contain a healthy list of natural and vegetarian-friendly ingredients (more on these in the next section).

Along with the fat-burning ones, there are also stimulants mixed in to help you stay mentally focused and motivated.

Essentially, the company took a holistic look at what an athlete needs to get the most out of a training session: increased energy, more fat burning, and motivation to keep up performance.

The makers also claim that the formula they came up with ensures that weight loss is achieved by targeting fat storage and avoiding the loss of muscle tissue. This is something that I always advise clients to pay close attention to, as not all weight loss is the same.

Vintage Burn Ingrediants

First of all, on the positive side, the company doesn’t hide behind a proprietary blend or secret sauce. So many other supplements do this, and it really annoys the crap out of me. So, kudos to Old School for publishing the details.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones have been shown to be one of the more effective fat burners, as shown in a study on obese people.

But beyond helping to get rid of more fat, it also acts as an appetite suppressant which helps you to focus more on healthy foods, according to the makers.

It is proven in other supplements to be effective, especially in shredding those unwanted fats


This is one of the ingredients you will find in a lot of weight loss supplements and pills.

The first impact from it is the one you’re probably most aware of, i.e., it makes you more alert and helps with focus. But caffeine also increases your thermogenic metabolism, which results in faster processing of fatty acids and a reduction in fat storage. Source

Green Coffee Bean Extract

This extract isn’t so much about caffeine, but rather about reducing your body’s ability to absorb and store fat, according to the company.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much scientific evidence to back this up. So far, it’s all anecdotal. It can also be found in other well-known thermogenic supplements in the market.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

There is definitely a positive impact from the antioxidants that green tea provides, and it will help you flush out a lot of toxins that accumulate even in a balanced diet. Sourcce

The company also claims that it will increase resting metabolic rates. It is also the main ingredients for our best nighttime fat burners. However, the few studies in this area have not been able to provide conclusive results

Garcinia Fruit Extract

This is a common weight loss ingredient, and there have been quite a few positive results reported from adding just Garcinia fruit to your diet.


The company claims that Chrysin is the added substance to avoid muscle wasting.

Essentially, the aim is to focus on losing weight by fat reduction rather than losing muscle fibers. However, there is very little actual evidence through double-blind clinical studies. So, a bit of a question mark over the effectiveness of this.

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract was part of a study from 2015 in which a link between thyroid activity and reduction in DNA damage was shown.

Whether it really gives enough of a boost to help muscle recovery as the company claims is not entirely clear though.

So, overall, the list of ingredients does contain some proven positive ones, but you’ll also be paying for some that are less evidence-based

How Does Vintage Burn Works

The Vintage Burn supplement claims to work by combining ingredients that burn fat, boost muscle growth, and help keep you focused.


This is definitely a substance that dieticians recommend as part of a fat burning or cutting phase in a training plan. There have been a lot of studies on how effective it is at increasing metabolic rates even during resting periods.

Whether you exercise early or late in the day, this will also help to give you some mental focus to get through your sets with full motivation.

Energy boosts.

The included ketones are definitely a positive, and with good timing, you’ll get a boost at the right time of your training. Even if these are short-lived boosts, they can make a big difference to your endurance.

The company claims that Vintage Burn stops muscle wasting. As using this supplement in a bulking phase with the right training and diet will naturally increase rather than decrease muscle mass.

Vintage Burn Benefit

The main benefits that the above ingredients provide are around energy and fat loss.

Any Side Effect

Yes, there are a few side effects that come from the Vintage Burn fat burner. It is the result of the chosen ingredients.

Even though it’s lactose and gluten-free, there have been quite a few reports of users suffering from side effects, like nausea with regular use.

While this does seem to be dosage-dependent, I did find a lot of feedback from regular use as well.

The other thing to note is that the caffeine dose is relatively high at 150 mg, and if you’re sensitive to stimulants, then you might notice jitters and some insomnia. With no caffeine-free option available, this is a bit of a downside.

Finally, while most supplements are not FDA-approved as such, I generally recommend using products that are made in approved facilities, which is not the case with this Supplement.


Vintage Burn is a fast-acting fat burner that helps to stimulate metabolism, as well as improving focus, to help you to achieve your fat-loss goals in record time, without sacrificing that lean muscle you’ve worked so hard to gain.

However, this Vintage weight loss option is not the best product available. As we mention Vintage Burn is in Middle with the results were good, but not great.

Vintage Burn
The Vintage Burn supplement claims to work by combining ingredients that burn fat
7.2 Total Score

VINTAGE BURN is a highly effective thermogenic fat burner that speeds up the body’s metabolism. It also converts stored fat into energy without wasting muscle

  • Improves focus and mood
  • Natural ingredients
  • Improves alertness
  • Affordable
  • Contains a fair amount of caffeine

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Vintage Burn Rreview

Vintage Burn Rreview

Vintage Burn Overview Vintage Burn claims to have created a weight loss supplement designed for athletes, ...

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