What is an Organic Diet?

When you hear someone say they’re eating organic in the United States, what they mean is they’re choosing only to eat agricultural crops that are grown without any genetically-modified strains or pesticides that are synthetic, petroleum-based, or sludge-based.

If they’re eating meat, they’re also only consuming meat from animals that had access to the outdoors and were given organic-only feed. You are what you eat right? When it comes to organic meat then,  you are what you eat eats as well. While organic regulations vary from country to country, these are the qualifications for the U.S.

Organic produce is produced using natural fertilizers like manure or compost, natural weed control like hand-picking or crop rotation, and natural pest control like birds or pest traps. Any pesticides used must be naturally derived.

Organic meat, eggs, and dairy enjoy feed free of all hormones and GMOs while livestock disease is prevented with natural methods like clean housing and healthy diets, and plenty of access to roam and play outdoors.

An organic meal would be one that includes produce and meat of only organic products. It’s possible to have a full organic meal of only produce just as it is possible to have a full one with just protein. It all depends on what you prefer.

Are Organic Meals a Good Match for You?

Organic meals can be a good idea for anyone who is looking to become more conscious of their diet for a variety of reasons. The benefits of organic food include:

  • Fewer pesticides
  • Fresher taste
  • Lesser impact on the environment
  • Animals are kept more humanely
  • Meat and milk have richer nutrients

It’s a good idea for anyone looking to put their foot in the door of eating cleaner, treating the environment better or being kinder to animals.

Those with a higher predisposed risk for cancer may find this diet beneficial, as cutting out foods with pesticide chemicals has shown to drastically lower cancer risk. Anyone who suffers from allergies may also benefit from this kind of diet, especially when sourced locally, as it can reduce the impact of certain allergic reactions.

You don’t need to have a health risk or problem to eat organic, however. With organic home delivery meals, you can join in on the health trend that millions of Americans have already found. It’s simply a cleaner, healthier, more humane and nutrient-dense way to eat.

When you’re looking to start this kind of lifestyle change, it’s important to ensure your ingredients are certified organic. That’s why using an organic prepared meals service comes in handy — you know where your products are coming from and who is creating them for you.

When you choose a service that has organic values as a cornerstone of their company, you know you’re in good hands!

What to Look for in an Organic Meal Delivery Service

When you’re searching for the best organic food delivery, there are a few things you should be aware of. This will help you make the right buying decision and pair you up with a delivery service that will work perfectly for you.

First, identify what kind of budget you’re working with, so you can filter out options that are too costly for you. Once you know what you’re willing to pay per meal or per week, you’ll be able to see what options are in your price range and what options are out of question.

Next, understand what kind of commitment you’re agreeing to when you sign up. Some services offer a pay-per-month plan, while others will lock you into a year-long contract. There are even options that are completely commitment-free with a la carte options or pay-as-you-go plans. Once you find a solution you like, committing to it may save you money, but while you’re trying them out, it’s smart to remain untethered.

Finally, pay attention to the quality of the food and types of meals offered. You want to be sure you’ll enjoy every bite! We’ve already vetted these options as fully organic, but you might want to double-check about any other dietary constraints you may have.

Cook healthy, delicious dinners with organic produce, premium ingredients, and delicious flavors delivered to your door!

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